Ensuring the future by uniting the present.

Committee Member

Yannicka Mardenborough

  Position: Projects committee ,NL Hobbies: Browsing the web, consuming stories and making bad art. I’m a serial hobbyist and love collecting abandoned by products of my craft(s). Bucket list: Visit every continent. Becoming a well known, awarded and respected scientist. To see my name in lights Roxie style but without the murder.

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Xynara Dedier

 Position:  Events team member , NL Hobbies: Traveling, cooking/ baking, history buff Bucket list:  Visit every continent on this earth Work a crime scene.

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Denecia Meade

   Position: Projects committee ,NL Hobbies Shopping & Fitness Bucket list: Traveling to Africa & Asia What do I enjoy about being a member of USC: The feeling of being “home”and being able to help new and old students so that they too can experience the same feeling as much as possible.

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Jacques Heemskerk

   Position: USC Member, SXM  Hobbies: Capoeira, study of human behavior, sports, film and entertainment, games What I enjoy about being a member of USC: Opportunity to help young students to grow into young professionals, giving them a platform to use the expertise learned in college, giving back to my fellow islanders, promoting St. Maarten culture and

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Bryan Fliervoet

   Position: Media Team committee, NL   Team Contribution: Event organizer, art work design, catering chef   Hobbies: Cooking, Cycling, Online Gaming  Bucket list: Travel the world and experience diverse foods

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Yannick Mardenborough

   Position:  Media Team Committee  Hobbies:  Video production Watching and interacting in live streams as well as creating my own content What I enjoy about being a member of USC:  The thing I enjoy the most is being part of something bigger; being able to contribute my expertise towards something that can

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