Ensuring the future by uniting the present.

Committee Member

Tamara James

  Position: Events Committee ,NL Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Community Service, Traveling, Shopping Bucket List: Go to Paris see the EIffel Tower Go sky Diving Work for Victoria Secret fashion show Spend a week on a yacht in Punta Cana Travel the entire world in a year Go to Rome and kiss

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Amanye York

  Position: Projects committee ,NL Your hobbies: Cooking, Music, random research What you like about being in USC: Being able to learn and develop new (professional) skills along with a talented group of other (developing) professionals. I also enjoy being able to put those skills to use to help others.

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Siddharth Jethwani

  Position: Social Media Coordinator, NL Hobbies:  Cooking, sightseeing, collecting currency. Bucket list: Going on a cruise for a year to visit every civilization around the world and learning about their distinct cultures and traditions; inspiring people through my work of any sort. What you like about being in USC: While being away

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Sahaira Hughes

   Position: Media Committee Member, Netherlands  Hobby: Travelling and Shopping Bucket list: Going to Eqypt; Visiting the Sahara Desert Opening multiple businesses on St. Maarten

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Shawn York

 Position in USC: Media Team member ,NL Hobbies: Photography, Videography, Sports, Fitness, Painting, Design, Making processes more efficient.   Bucket list: Write a book, keep creating dope art. Lastly, beat Edwina one on one in Basketball. What I like about USC:  Love that it helps the youth, I believe are in the

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Joette Pfennings-Richardson

 Position: USC’s Coach Hobbies: Creating beautiful nails and coloring in my free time. Bucket list: To see most of the world before I leave this earth. I’m doing a pretty good job this year, as I’ve been in a different country every month of this year so far. Love about USC: I

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Shanella Petrona

   Position: Financial Director, SXM Hobby : Anything that deals with DIY projects and cooking Bucket list: Achieve my ideal weight while still being able to enjoy the culinary wonders of the world. What I like most about USC: I love the teamwork. We feed off of each other and always give

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Gillian Marlin

  Position: USC Member , SXM Hobby: Reading, beaching and spending time with my family. Bucket list: Explore a cave. What I Enjoy about USC: The diversity amongst the members. The togetherness created amongst everyone. I love how people are open to asking questions and giving tips in our Facebook group. It makes

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Racquel Chittick

   Position: Events Committee , NL Hobbies: Dancer at heart, Lover of Music, Major Book Worm, and Travel Junkie Bucket list: To touch every continent To own my own company Start a blog What I like about being in USC: Being able to be apart of a foundation that gives back

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