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Insurance Information Guide 2017

Our 2016/2017 Insurance Guide is ready for your review! Every Dutch citizen is required to have health insurance in the Netherlands. With all the choices available, it’s tough to know what you need and how much you should pay. Our guide tries to answer these questions and more, and has

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2017 Student Tax Guide

If you are working and/or earning money as a Dutch citizen, you are required to pay taxes. Therefore, it is important to understand how the tax system works in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and also save money. In this document we hope to offer some knowledge on income taxes

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2016 Year-In-Review Newsletter

The past year 2016 has been a year of realizing things as seen both in terms of understanding our strengths and making things happen. Our 2015 year-end newsletter featured a letter from the Board regarding our plans for the future and the new structure of the organisation. Change and growth

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Summer/Fall 2015 USC Newsletter

A little late due to technical difficulties, but our summer/fall 2015 issue of the USC Newsletter is now available! Packed with interviews and awesome tips for new and existing students, it’s a wonderful lead up to our December end-of-year issue (keep an eye out for that!)   Direct Download Link

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Student Manual 2015

Our student manual is your (almost) complete guide to the Netherlands. It’s free to download. Good luck! Direct Download Link Feel free to contact us via email or just send us a message on Whatsapp  St.Maarten | The Netherlands  theboard@uscfoundation.com  +31 6 3831 1802 (Whatsapp)  www.uscfoundation.com

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