Ensuring the future by uniting the present

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 USC consists of two chapters, USC the Netherlands (USC-NL) and USC St.Maarten (USC-SXM), that work closely together to achieve USC’s vision and mission. This wouldn’t be possible without our members who are dynamic and dedicated young professionals and students, our partners and a vast group of supporters; our team.


We want to help as many as we can. Growing together as an community; A goal which can only be achieved collectively as one.

Your support will bring more energy. We have been operating for more than 5 years. New ideas and energy are needed each year to ensure we consistently meet out goals.

Put your skills to use for a good cause. Are you an aspiring project manager? event planner? Media designer? Put your skills to the test as you work with a team to execute diverse projects.


We believe in finding the right synergy. We work with diverse companies and organisations on a annual basis, to reach our target audiences and influence the change needed to ensure the future.

Contact the board. Partnership inquiries can be sent to The Board via theboard@uscfoundation.com


Comming soon to IOS and Andriod