Ensuring the future by uniting the present.

About Us



To be recognised and acknowledged as an inclusive organizations that is professionally focused and socially conscious. Our actions will uphold our core values while contributing towards the improvement of our supporters and our respective societies.


USC focuses on creating a sense of unity among  St.Maarten students and young professionals who are residing in the Netherlands and on St.Maarten. We also offer support to students from Saba and St.Eustatius.  Our aim is to become a united front and stimulate a change that is beneficial to the unique position that we hold within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


USC considers its brand to be a symbol of high standards and professionalism. We have three significant principles that we aim to live up to: Integrity throughout our conduct with regards to our publications, communications, and activities; Respect for our partnerships and our collaborators; Responsibility, towards our supporters, our families, and the societies in which we live, work and study.

Operating Structure

The Committees

Events Comittee

The event committee is involved with all social activities held within USC. This branch is comprised of ambitious individuals who are passionate about event planning and management. The committee ensures that USC maintains a full calendar with social and informative events for the audiences to engage in. Their tasks include:

  • Generating event ideas
  • Coping with rising stress levels
  • Creating mood boards
  • Managing the planning stage
  • Collaborating with Projects on assignments
  • Being awesome


Occasionally, USC collaborates with other organizations to create exciting activities.  The Events Committee is responsible for managing these connections along with the Chapter Director.

Several of our flagship events are: Eats ‘n Treats, Operation Gouda cheese, The Dutch Caribbean All- Star Athletics Day (organized with the organization’s sports coordinators) and the Christmas Gala. To get a glimpse of what Events has planned for the year, take a look at our Events Calendar.

The activities of the Events Committee are coordinated by the Events Committee Leader.

If you or your organization would like to co-host an event with Stichting USC, please contact the Events Committee via events@uscfoundation.com . Sports related questions can also be directed to this address.

If you’d like to join the Events Committee and be contacted when a spot opens up please fill in the following form: http://bit.ly/2yk6AqH

Projects Comittee

The projects committee focuses on R &D (Research and development) aspect of USC.  Individuals who are keen on researching are involved in this area.  They are responsible for developing and distributing publications which provide an insight towards challenges faced by students and young professionals in The Netherlands.  Since the beginning of the organization, they have successfully published two versions of the USC Student Manual as well as distributing informative pamphlets concerning insurance and tax issues within the Netherlands. In addition to their research efforts, the project committee manages special projects that are often directed towards the community, with and without the assistance of other organizations.  The activities of the Projects Committee are coordinated by the Projects Committee leader.

If you or your organization have a project idea that fits within USC’s purpose and goals , please contact the Project Committee via projects@uscfoundation.com .

If you’d like to join the Projects Committee and be contacted when a spot opens up please fill in the following form: http://bit.ly/2yk6AqH

Media Comittee

Media Team is responsible for building USC’s online public image. They collaborate with Events and Projects Committee to publicize upcoming events and written publications and ensures that there are interactive posts to keep the target audience engaged. This branch branch consists of various skilled individuals whose interests lies in creativity and great ideas. Also added to our media team is Uscia, USC’s  avatar who is the voice of USC’s online platforms.


Media Team tasks includes:

  • Generating engaging promo content
  • Designing social media posts and publications and event decorations
  • Photography and video editing
  • Maintaining our website and social media platforms
  • Ensuring that Uscia is well taken care of


The activities of Media Team are coordinated by USC’s Media Team’s leader

If you or your organization would like to collaborate or join USC’s  Media Team Committee, and be contacted when a spot opens up you can contact us via media@uscfoundation.com or fill in the form: http://bit.ly/2yk6AqH