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The INislas Conference


Being chosen to represent USC and Dutch St.Maarten was such an honor that I will cherish forever. Taking part in the Fifede &
Erasmus+ INislas Training was amazing experience. 

The overall training was hosted by Fifede. 

The Insular Canaria Foundation for Training, Employment and Business Development (Fifede) is an entity belonging to the Island Council of Tenerife that works with the objective of promoting  quality employment on the Island for this generation, improving the formation of the population, especially of the unemployed, and boosting business activity, both in the creation phase of companies and in the consolidation of projects.

Shortly put the aim of  Fifede is finding an appropriate instrument at the service of training, employability and competitiveness, which acts in coordination with other administrations and becomes an effective means of fighting unemployment on the island of Tenerife.

The training INislas addressed issues such as orientation, activation and motivation of young people to create initiatives and projects, as well as aspects to increase the participation of young people from these territories in the ‘Erasmus +’ program, an initiative of the European Commission that allows the mobility of young people.

Most of the trainings were held in the Youth Center (Centro Atlantico de la Juventud) where the youth can go for trainings/ activities and where these can be held for free.

The participants as a group learned about:

  • The difficulties the youth can/may face on each island.
  • The different organizations each island represented
  • Tools and methodologies these organizations use that we can learn from and use.


Seeing that this was USC’s first ever Erasmus+ training it was an eye opener to see all the possibilities and chances there are for not only our youth but also youth workers. When most people hear “Erasmus” they think of the university in Rotterdam. But I’ve learned that Erasmus is so much bigger and not only for people on university level. Erasmus caters to all levels of education and ages. Having this Erasmus+ training hosted by Fifede was very inspiring.

The government saw an issue within the youth unemployment rate and tackled this head on by offering trainings in different courses so that they can develop themselves, but also support  local businesses. The training was done in a non formal learning setting where we could just be ourselves and learn in an interactive way. A part of this was experiencing the cultural heritage festivals of the island and the pride both young and old have for it. Learning some of the strategies of how to get the youth involved in the cultural heritage was truly inspiring. We also went on environmental excursions facilitated by a Tenerife entrepreneur who developed his own business after following courses from Fifede. These two organizations were very inspiring, motivating and overall an amazing learningful experience.

What I wish to accomplish after receiving my Erasmus+ Youthpass certificate and this experience:

  • Meet with the National Agent of Erasmus+ in the Netherlands
  • Go to more trainings within Erasmus.
  • Get USC and eventual partners on St.Maarten Erasmus+ Credited for youth exchange
  • Bring more awareness of the Erasmus+ opportunities within USC but also for the youth of Dutch St.Maarten.
  • Create youth development projects together with the organization Pelicarus  which focusses on students from French St.Martin



Kimberly Cheng


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