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USC’s first Tropical Bonanza

USC’s first Tropical Bonanza

People from different cities came to enjoy USC’s first Tropical Bonanza with was aimed to bring the Caribbean to The Netherlands. The indoor beach location really brought that Caribbean feeling, especially for the ones who are not able to return home for the summer. During the event athletes and sports enthusiast took part in a beach dodgeball competition, a beach flag football competition, a beach Zumba session, and an individual obstacle course run. Amongst the teams for the beach flag football were the Heavy Hitters, Dem Boyz, United and USC’s very own, who were involved in a very fierce, but exciting competition. A total of 16 participants, consisting of athletes, volunteers, and members of the public took part in the obstacle course run, where the winners received a cash prize and a bottle of champagne. This event also gave much attention to the children.

USC organized a kid’s corner, where the children could have fun colouring and watching movies under the watchful eyes of the volunteer members. Aside from this, they were also able to participate in a kid’s obstacle course, while being cheered on by parents and other spectators.

Another highlight of the event was the raffle where three prizes were given out. The 1st went to Ms. Alma Arrendell who won a one night stay at the Hilton hotel. The 2nd prize went to Mr. Le Var Richardson who won a ticket to USC’s 5th annual Christmas Gala which will be held on the 9th of December. The 3rd prize went Mr. Laurens Pfennigs, who won a blender.

The Caribbean culture has a large appetite, so it was normal to see a plate of rice and peas, plantain, coleslaw, potato salad, johnnycake and chicken (the “Heart of SXM”), or veggie meatballs for the vegetarians (the “Veggie Delight” menu). If that seemed like too much for a plate of food, there were also hot dogs prepared hot on the spot. Also, to quench their thirst, smoothies such as watermelon slush, mango tango and berry twist were made all from fresh fruits. “It was a successful event of which brought new experiences for USC in 2017, and we enjoyed it, said USC member Edwina Hodge, who coordinated the event along with USC’s head event coordinator Raquel Chittick. The organisation celebrates its 5th anniversary and is looking forward to more events that will be held this year.

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