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2016 Year-In-Review Newsletter

2016 Year-In-Review Newsletter

The past year 2016 has been a year of realizing things as seen both in terms of understanding our strengths and making things happen. Our 2015 year-end newsletter featured a letter from the Board regarding our plans for the future and the new structure of the organisation. Change and growth is inevitable and the year 2016 has seen some changes.

We began with an adjustment in structure which saw the formation of the Executive Board and the appointment of the Netherlands Chapter Director Christella Garard. These changes were made to allow for the growth of USC and to expand the organisation to Sint Maarten, a move announced at our 2015 Christmas Gala.

In October we saw the official launch of the USC Sint Maarten chapter. This chapter, headed by Chapter Director Clamencita Lammar, aims to address the preparation of students for study in the Netherlands.a In addition, previous USC Nederland project member Shanella Petrona joined on as the the treasurer of USC St.Maarten. USC Sint Maarten is concerning itself with engaging local partners and further establishing the organisation on the island. Keep an eye out for announcements concerning this chapter.

In 2017, USC will be broadening it’s Executive board to include more members to cover the growth of the organisation.The new Executive board will be announced in April. Did you know that 2017 will mark our 5-year anniversary? That means that the year will be filled with special events & projects to celebrate this. So keep an eye out for updates and see you at one of our events or on the web.

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