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USC and KPMG Dutch Caribbean Host Project Management Workshop

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – A group of students in the Netherlands participated in a project management workshop held on June 7 in the Netherlands, organized by USC (Unified St. Maarten Connection) and one of their Corporate Partners, KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname. 

The workshop has been organized and introduced by Eline van den Berg, Senior Manager at KPMG DC&S, who explained more about KPMG DC&S and also the cooperation with USC. 

The presentation was led by Raimond Nicodem and he touched on how project management skills could benefit St. Maarten as a country. Nicodem explained various styles of project management, including specific methods that could be utilized such as Prince2. Students were informed that a combination of methods was also possible, however, they were advised that company culture would impact the effectiveness of the models used. 

One of the primary takeaways from the event was to know the culture of the environment and, most importantly, to keep people enthusiastic about their jobs and about change, a sentiment that many could relate to St. Maarten’s public and private sector. 

During the workshop, participants were asked to participate in a brainstorm session to discuss those things that made them excited about being part of a project. Attendees represented a dynamic and diverse population, from accounting and finance majors to students planning on a career in project management. 

Director for USC’s Netherlands Chapter, Christella Garard, highlighted the fact that there was heavy demand for the event, despite the organization having limited spaces available. She commented that in the future, USC and KPMG DC&S would aim to provide more opportunities for students and young professionals from the island to be introduced to these types of concepts, as their real world applications were significant.

KPMG DC&S has promised to continue their partnership with USC with new workshop sessions towards the end of 2016, as part of their commitment to social responsibility in encouraging young St. Maarteners to excel while abroad and prepare for the return home.

Suzanne Koelega

Guest author and journalist at the daily herald


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